Tom Parker's Confession

by Robert Scott

I heard the splash. 
Maybe twenty or thirty yards out. Unmistakable. My stomach clenched.
They’re here.

Robert Scott examines the thin line between parenthood and feminism in his latest horror mystery, “Tom Parker’s Confession.” At 58 years old, Tom learns that his creative, independent daughter Katie is being abused by her fiancé, Kyle Winslow. Wanting control of her life, Katie hides the injuries from her parents, lying about bruises and broken teeth. Struggling to find some way to help her, Tom decides to forego polite, suburban interventions and act on his own to protect Katie while removing Kyle from her life. Will his decision backfire, however? And what evidence does he overlook that might lead to Tom spending the rest of his life in prison? Return to Monmouth County, New Jersey for Scott’s latest story of mystery, horror, and crime scene investigation. Fans of his “Business Cards” or the epic, Sailor Doyle novel, “Asbury Park” will find “Tom Parker’s Confession” another chilling tale of believable characters in compelling settings.