Business Cards

by Robert Scott

And I saw him, the red pickup . . . parked like a slumbering beast in an alley behind a hardware store. From this far away I couldn’t hear the engine rumble like a dragon’s purr, but I imagined it terrifying enough. A warm splash of urine wet my boxers, spotted my khakis with an embarrassing stain. I didn’t care.

What does it mean to be guilty? Fans of multifaceted murder mysteries will enjoy Robert Scott’s latest adventure, “Business Cards.” Alfrieda Werner, veteran math instructor at Robert Morris High School, has been brutally murdered. While sifting through suspects, Detective Janet Siegrist uncovers evidence of a diabolical game of scapegoat tag, played using insults, lies, and confessionsdelivered on the back of strangers’ business cards. Will Siegrist’s investigation bring her closer to a murder suspect? Or perhaps to something worse?